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06 Jan 2022
Locations of Interest


No. 2 Initial Training School (2 I.T.S.), Bradfield Park, Sydney, New South Wales

No. 3 Wireless Air Gunnery School (3 W.A.G.S.), Maryborough, Queensland

No. 1 Embarkation Depot (1 E.D.), Ransford, Sydney, New South Wales

No. 1 Air Gunnery School (1 A.G.S.), West Sale, Victoria

No. 2 Embarkation Depot (2 E.D.), Bradfield Park, Sydney, New South Wales

Middle East Command

462 Squadron various locations including Fayid, Gardabia Main, Hosc Raui, Terria (and others)
from formation on 06 September 1942 to disbandment on 01 March 1944

United Kingdom

No. 11 Personnel Despatch & Reception Centre (11 P.D.R.C.), Brighton

27 Operational Training Unit (27 O.T.U.), Lichfield – Church Broughton, Derbyshire

No. 41 Base, Acaster Malbis, Yorkshire

No 74 Base, 1652 Heavy Conversion Unit (1652 H.C.U.), Marston Moor, Yorkshire

462 Squadron, Driffield, Yorkshire (4 Group) – August 1944 to end December 1944

462 Squadron, Foulsham, Norfolk (100 Group) – January 1945 to September 1945



Leipzig – target for 10 April 1945

Zaasch – crash site



Colditz Oflag IV-C

Oschatz Stalag IV-G



No. 2 Personnel Depot (2 P.D.), Sydney, New South Wales

No. 3 Brisbane Medical Unit (3 B.M.U.), Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland

No. 3 Personnel Depot (3 P.D.) Demobilisation Wing, Redbank, Brisbane, Queensland


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