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To send your comments, questions or additional information, or to advise of any errors,
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Email is the preferred method of contact.

Please include the words "462 Squadron" somewhere in your subject line.

Please do not send emails with attachments unless you notify me in advance, otherwise they may be deleted unread as SPAM.

Due to the high incidence of SPAM emails received, settings have been changed so that SPAM emails are automatically deleted on arrival.

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All non-SPAM emails relevant to this website will be replied to.
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If in doubt, please send your email again (462 Squadron in subject line, no attachments).

Replies have not been sent from, and will not be sent from na240 at this website.
If you have received an email from na240@..... (any address), it was not sent from here, and is probably SPAM.


You may also make contact by post to:-

462squadron.com Web Site, P.O.Box 9503, Park Avenue Post Office, 4701, Queensland, Australia.


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