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06 Nov 2021
Other Personnel


The following personnel have connections to the Crew of Halifax III, NA-240, Z5-V

Additional pages will created when information has been gathered – please visit again.

1. Personnel with connections to F/Sgt M. J. HIBBERD, Rear Gunner in Halifax NA-240, Z5-V


Flying Officer Noel Victor HIBBERD 425653 RAAF, Lancaster Pilot with 218 Sqdn RAF – older brother of F/Sgt M. J. HIBBERD.

Flying Officer Charles Louis BRIMBLECOMBE (Lou) 425592 RAAF – Navigator in F/O N.V.HIBBERD's Crew with 218 Sqdn, later 514 Sqdn.

Sgt Alan Leslie HARRIS (Flip) – with (then) Sgt M. J. HIBBERD at 2 ED, Bradfield Park, Sydney, New South Wales; later 158 Sqdn.

Sgt Robert Barry HETHERINGTON (Bob) – with (then) Sgt M. J. HIBBERD at 2 ED, Bradfield Park, Sydney, NSW; & 11 PDRC, Brighton, UK; later 461 Sqdn.

Sgt Gordon Robert WILSON (Bob) – with (then) Sgt M. J. HIBBERD at 2 ED, Bradfield Park, Sydney, NSW; later 463 Sqdn.

Sgt "Lucky" JONES – on leave with F/Sgt M. J. HIBBERD in Edinburgh about Sept 1944 (information yet to be sourced).

F/Sgt Charles Harold WEEKS RAAF (Charlie, later Flying Officer) & his Crew, 1652 H.C.U. Marston Moor, Christmas 1944; later 77 and 199 Sqdns.

British Army

HOLT, PoW, Stalag IV-G, Oschatz – PoW with F/Sgt M. J. HIBBERD.

Private Charles DUNN 2978180, 2nd Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; PoW 12414, Stalag IV-G, Oschatz – PoW with F/Sgt M. J. HIBBERD.


2. Other RAAF/RAF personnel in 462 Squadron RAAF (Driffield and/or Foulsham)

Wing Commander Peter McCallum PAULL DFC, Commanding Officer of 462 Sqdn, Foulsham – signed F/Sgt M. J. HIBBERD's logbook.

Fl. Lt. Bruce Kempton DRINKWATER, Officer Commanding 'B' Flight, 462 Sqdn, Foulsham – signed F/Sgt M. J. HIBBERD's logbook.
For 06 June 2020, this page, with addition of Drinkwater's Crew 49 details, was relocated to Squadron Crews, UK.

Fl. Lt. Edward McGINDLE (Ted) DFC, Officer Commanding 'A' Flight, 462 Sqdn, Foulsham, & Author of 'Pimpernel Squadron'.

406394 Fl. Lt. Dudley Gilbert HIGHMAN, Adjutant, 462 Sqdn – certified F/Sgt M. J. HIBBERD's application to join Caterpillar Club.

Fl. Lt. William Folger READHEAD 50956 RAF, Flight Engineer Leader – Driffield and Foulsham.


F/Sgt Arthur Herbert DE LEACY, 434905 RAAF, in P/O (later F/O) William John FRAZER's Crew, 462 Squadron, Foulsham.

F/Sgt John William HARRIS, 1337631 RAFVR, in W/O (later P/O) Peter Freston WHATLING's Crew 42, 462 Squadron, Driffield & Foulsham.

F/Sgt Albert Buckley OAKES, 1880661 RAF, in W/O (later F/O) Jack Roy SMITH's Crew 51, 462 Squadron, Foulsham.

F/Sgt Ronald Bruce PHILPOTT 433023 RAAF (later F/O) in W/O Ross GALLOP's Crew 67, 462 Squadron, Foulsham.

Pilot Officer Max A. SMITH, 424803 RAAF in Fl/Lt D.M. "Thrasher" TAYLOR's Crew, 462 Squadron, Foulsham.

Sgt Thomas WALKER 1590544 RAF in F/O Neil SULLIVAN's Crew 61, 462 Squadron, Foulsham.

F/Sgt Neville Owen REED, 435209 RAAF in three crews (FRIEND and COOKSON, Driffield; and ASTILL, Foulsham).

F/Sgt John Walker HORRIDGE, 1576752 RAFVR, later P/O then F/O 190747, Sydney CARTHY's Crew 17, 462 Squadron, Driffield.

Special Duties WINDOW – FINK, WALL, TILLS, IRMINGER, individually flew with F/O A.D.J. BALL's Crew 59 on various ops, 462 Sqdn, Foulsham.
These four are listed on the Special Duties – WINDOW page.
Special Duties Radio Counter Measures – PUGH (also with A.D.J. BALL's Crew 59) – listed on the Special Duties – RCM page.


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