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Ely Cathedral, East Anglia, RAF Memorial Window and Memorial Books


Ely Cathedral is located in Ely, East Anglia. The following information was supplied by staff of the Verger's Vestry at the Cathedral.

"The memorial is located in the North Quire aisle and dates from the 1950s. Above the memorial books is the RAF Memorial Window. Beside the memorial is a place to light small candles. Whilst visitors are encouraged to light a candle in memory of those that died, it is not solely dedicated for this purpose."

"Ely Cathedral holds four books for the four Bomber Groups whose HQ was based in this region, 2, 3, 8 & 100 Group. Whilst the books are divided into Groups, the names within each are set out alphabetically by name, rather than by squadron, so it is difficult to get a clear list of all of those of 462 Squadron in the 100 Group book. However, flicking through the pages, the squadron does appear fairly regularly."

For additional information, please refer also to the attached document " Ely_RAF_Memorial_Window_and_RAF_Hospital_Window.pdf " as supplied by Ely Cathedral staff; OR visit the website www.elycathedral.org (copy and paste to your browser).

Thanks are extended to Karen Ainley for photos taken at the Cathedral; and to Tom Russell & Andrew White & David Bruce of Ely Cathedral for permission to include their emailed additional information, and pdf file.



Ely Cathedral, East Anglia, viewed from the west, home of a RAF Memorial Window, and Memorial Books.
Photo supplied by Karen Ainley.

Ely Cathedral, East Anglia, viewed from the west.


Ely Cathedral, East Anglia, viewed from the south, home of a RAF Memorial Window, and Memorial Books.
Photo supplied by Karen Ainley.

Ely Cathedral, East Anglia, viewed from the south.


Memorial Book located in Ely Cathedral, East Anglia.
Photo supplied by Karen Ainley.


Left: One page from the 100 Group Memorial Book located in Ely Cathedral, East Anglia.

On 13 October 2017, when Karen Ainley and her husband Alan Marr visited Ely Cathedral, the 100 Group Memorial Book was open at the page showing the name Sgt Stopp, R. C. 462 Sqdn 9th Oct. 1944 (as indicated by the blue arrow). That was of interest to them and worthy of a photo, as Karen's father Charles Robert Borden AINLEY had served with 462 Squadron in the Middle East, during 1943. He had survived two crashes there – the first with the Warner Crew in July 1943, when he was one of only 2 survivors; and the second with the R.H.V. Thomas crew in September 1943, when all survived.

Sgt Ronald Charles Stopp was the Flight Engineer for Crew 29, Pilot Gerald Coleman. All seven of the Coleman Crew were killed on the night of 9 October 1944, flying from Driffield on an Op to Bochum.



Memorial candle located in Ely Cathedral, East Anglia.
Photo supplied by Karen Ainley.



Left: Memorial candle positioned in receptacle located next to the Memorial in Ely Cathedral, East Anglia.

The Memorial Candle candle was lit by Karen Ainley and Alan Marr in remembrance of all those of 462 Squadron who lost their lives in the Middle East, or flying from Driffield (4 Group) and Foulsham (100 Group), Bomber Command.

Other squadrons of 100 Group, Bomber Command, as shown in the photo above left, were 23, 169, 171, 192, 199, 214, and 515 Squadron, as well as 462 Squadron RAAF.

During 1945, 462 Squadron and 192 Squadron were both located at RAF Foulsham, Norfolk.


In early April 2012, this author travelled by train from Brighton (home of 11 PDRC, 1944/1945)
to Victoria Station, London;
- underground to King's Cross, London;
- change, then above ground train to Cambridge;
- change, then via Ely to Norwich;
- then by road to destination Foulsham (home of 462 Squadron, 1945).
The rather complicated train journey was due to engineering works on various lines.
Although unaware of the Ely Memorial and Books at that time, it is now a regret that Ely had not been scheduled as a stop-over, or as a visit during the time spent at Foulsham.
As home is Australia, it may be some time before a visit is possible.

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