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06 Jan 2022
Welcome to the 462 Squadron Home Page

From early 1945, 462 Squadron RAAF was part of 100 Group, Bomber Command, stationed at Foulsham in Norfolk, England.

Their duties included bombing, "Spoof" raids dropping "Window", and Radio Counter Measures.

One Crew was lost over Germany on 10 April 1945. Seven died. One survived to become a PoW.

Their Bomber was Halifax III NA-240, Z5-V

Crew 59
Pilot – Flying Officer A.D.J.Ball, 427182 RAAF

Flight Engineer – Sergeant F.Brookes, 546437 RAF

Navigator – Flight Sergeant N.V.Evans, 436113 RAAF

Bomb Aimer – Flying Officer M.Frank, 409532 RAAF

Special Duties Operator (Air Gunner) – Flying Officer J.Heggarty, 179888 RAFVR

Rear Gunner – Flight Sergeant M.J.Hibberd, 435342 RAAF

Mid-Upper Gunner – Flight Sergeant J.M.Tait, 430788 RAAF

Wireless Operator – Warrant Officer R.R.Taylor, 432346 RAAF

This is their story.

Due to the interest of visitors to this site, and with contributions from Veterans of 462 Squadron or their families and friends, information presented here has been expanded to include ALL Crews who were posted to ......

462 Squadron RAAF, 100 Group, Bomber Command, at Foulsham in Norfolk, from January 1945 to September 1945;

462 Squadron RAAF, 4 Group, Bomber Command, at Driffield in Yorkshire, from August 1944 to December 1944;

462 Squadron, 205 Group, Middle East Command, Egypt and north Africa, from September 1942 to end of February 1944.

This will be an on-going project. The site will be updated on the 06 of each month.

If you can assist with photos of Crews, individuals, Halifax aircraft or any other 462 Squadron memorabilia, or information, please make contact.

Thank you all.

We will remember Them.

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