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6 January 2018
Crews of 462 Squadron RAAF, Egypt and North Africa (Middle East)

Crews posted to 462 Squadron, Middle East:-

Fayid, Egypt from initial formation on 6 September 1942, to December 1942,
Libya (Cyrenaica) and Tunisia from January 1943 to January 1944,
Italy in February 1944 (reformed as 614 Squadron)
462 Squadron ceased to exist on 1 March 1944.

For crews at Driffield and Foulsham, please visit page for 462 Squadron Bomber Command, UK.

Information on this page has been sourced from 462 Squadron Operational Record Books (ORBs); Air Force Lists; London Gazette; and Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Various books and websites were also consulted to compare details, however discrepancies were noted between official records and authors. (Please refer to Acknowledgements page for details of books and internet sites.)
The ORBs also contained typographical and factual errors. Some pages of the Squadron ORBs are very difficult to read, especially when the carbon paper on the original pages had obviously required replacement, and the type-writer keys were worn and/or misaligned. The 1943 ORB for 462 Squadron does not include the service numbers of mentioned aircrew, and only occasionally the member's Air Force, and handwritten initials had been added at some later time. Those names without Service Numbers and Air Force will have those details added after verification.

Please note also, that only Officers were listed in the POSTINGS TO and POSTINGS FROM in the ORB for 462 Squadron in the Middle East (Form 540 for each month).
Other Ranks were not listed in the Postings, however if they were members of Air Crew, they were listed in the Ops (Forms 541, Detail of Work Carried Out, for each month).
Ground crew and other personnel were similarly not mentioned by name, so information on them is difficult to source.

Link to page - Memorials for 462 Squadron, Middle East - which list those members of 462 Squadron who lost their lives during 462 Squadron's existence in the Middle East. They are buried in various cemeteries, as detailed on that page. Those with no known grave, have their names listed in the Air Force Panels of the Alamein Memorial in Egypt. If anyone has photos of any of the Squadron's graves, or names on the Memorial, and would be abe to contribute to this site, please make contact.

The list below is an amalgamation of information from all sources, following attempts to verify the accuracy of information. Column headers have the titles and sequence as per the ORB for the Middle East.
Column 1 – Crew number. Yet to be determined if such a list existed.
Column 2 – Captain
Columns 3 to 8 – Crew members, listed by their Role in that crew. Mid-upper gunners were not always applicable.

Ground crew and Office Staff may also be listed separately at a later date, if able to be identified.
Those who were not permanently with a crew may also be listed separately. However, if they were on an Op with a crew that did not return, they will be listed with that crew. Details of aircraft loss, grave sites, and PoW/Evader status will be included in each crew's page, to be created as an ongoing project.
Those with two Service Numbers include those who were commissioned, and whose original Service Number was changed (e.g. RAF/RAFVR). On this web page, the Service Number as initially recorded in the Squadron ORBs is placed first.

Please note that this list is a work in progress, initially concentrating on crews who were Killed in Action (names in RED), or those for whom records are readily accessible. Click on the blue hyperlinks to go to the Crew page.
Survivor after a crew member's name indicates that he survived the aircraft loss.
Any name followed by a ..... (?) .... indicates that details require verification.

Wanted please: Photos of crews of 462 Squadron (Middle East and North Africa), or during their prior training at OTU or HCU, or photos of individual crew members. If you can assist with photos, or wish to advise of errors on this page, or can provide full names or service numbers etc., please make contact (and include your source of information for verification).

Wireless Operator
Flight Engineer
Tail Gunner
Mid-Upper Gunner
? Peter George Batty
84972 RAFVR
July 1943 KIA (Crew)
Stanley James
116532 RAFVR

July 1943 KIA
Robert Davies
1289545 RAFVR

July 1943 KIA

July 1943 Survivor
Roy Edward
129972 RAFVR

July 1943 KIA
Charles Robert Borden AINLEY
1451753 RAFVR
July 1943 Survivor
Not applicable
? Robert Hilary Vivian THOMAS
123947 RAFVR (previously 994133)
September 1943 Survivor ( Crew )
Ernest Goldsmith PAGE
407623 RAAF
(later O4406)
September 1943 Survivor

September 1943 Survivor

September 1943 Survivor
Charles WESTON 1325255 RAFVR

September 1943 Survivor
Charles Robert Borden AINLEY
1451753 RAFVR

September 1943 Survivor (2nd time)
Not applicable
? Micheal Frank HALL 1190798 RAFVR
October 1943 KIA
( Crew )
Frank Richmond Vincent NELLO
R/97524 RCAF
October 1943 KIA
1379996 RAFVR
October 1943 KIA
Gordon Frederick William LAWRENCE
1218515 RAFVR
October 1943 KIA
Raymond Llewellyn FENNELL
1262360 RAFVR
October 1943 KIA
Melbourne Glaister FRASER
1061575 RAFVR October 1943 KIA
Not applicable
? Kenneth Ernest Mark MARSH
1386008 RAFVR
October 1943 KIA

( Crew )
Mitchell RIDLAND
421941 RNZAF
October 1943 KIA
Sydney Ernest TILLEY 1331844 RAFVR
October 1943 KIA
Edward James STICKLAND
1800355 RAFVR
October 1943 KIA
Thomas James KELLY
1016325 RAFVR
October 1943 KIA

Ian William COLVIN
1575088 RAFVR
October 1943 KIA
Not applicable
? Stanley James NOURSE
416782 RAAF
( Crew )
42188 (?) RNZAF
426014 RAAF
P W PENNY Not applicable
? Lyle Anzac LAWSON 414243 RAAF
( Crew )
March 1944 KIA
614 Sqdn
James Martin WITHERS
1318127 RAFVR
March 1944 KIA
614 Sqdn
Frederick Henry WORTHINGTON 952045 RAFVR
March 1944 KIA
614 Sqdn
David John LEWIS
1583102 RAFVR

March 1944 KIA
614 Sqdn
David Roland WILLIAMS
1740034 RAFVR
March 1944 KIA
614 Sqdn

Vivian DICKSON 405905 RAAF

March 1944 KIA
614 Sqdn
Not applicable

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