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6 September 2017
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Crew 59 – Pilot Ball

Ball Photos and Service/Casualty File
Brookes Photos and Service/Casualty File
Evans Photos and Service/Casualty File
Frank Photos and Service/Casualty File
Heggarty Photos and Service/Casualty File
Hibberd Photos
Hibberd Service File
Hibberd PoW Experiences
Hibberd Caterpillar Club

Tait Photos and Service/Casualty File
Taylor Photos and Service/Casualty File


462 Squadron – Middle East Command

27 OTU
1652 HCU
462 Squadron – Driffield
462 Squadron – Foulsham

Squadron Crews Home page

Crews of 462 Squadron, Bomber Command UK

Crew 05 – Pilot Lane
Crew 06 – Pilot R J Thomas
Crew 07 – Pilot Cuttriss

Crew 10 – Pilot Rodgers
Crew 13 – Pilot Rate
Crew 17 – Pilot Carthy
Crew 21 – Pilot Mitchell
Crew 23 – Pilot Cookson
Crew 26 – Pilot Uther
Crew 28 – Pilot Nelder
Crew 29 – Pilot Coleman
Crew 35 – Pilot Triggs
Crew 36 – Pilot Friend

Crew 37 – Pilot Ridgewell
Crew 39 – Pilot Ely
Crew 41 – Pilot Sharp
Crew 42 – Pilot Whatling
Crew 44
– Pilot Lodder
Crew 45 – Pilot Anderson
Crew 47 – Pilot Britt
Crew 48 – Pilot Rohrlach
Crew 51 – Pilot J R Smith
Crew 52 – Pilot Astill
Crew 57 – Pilot Tootal
Crew 63 – Pilot Robinson
Crew 64 – Pilot Scott
Crew 67 – Pilot Gallop
Crew ... – Pilot Forte
Crew ... – Pilot Donaldson

Special Duties – WINDOW
Special Duties – Radio Counter Measures

Crews of 462 Squadron, Egypt and North Africa

Crew – Pilot Warner
Crew – Pilot R H V Thomas
Crew – Pilot Hall
Crew – Pilot Nourse

Halifax III

Crash Details for Halifax III NA240 Z5-V – Crew 59 – Pilot Ball

Crash Site of Halifax III NA240 Z5-V
Zaasch Graves of 7 of the 8 crew of NA240 Z5-V
Berlin Graves of 7 of the 8 crew of NA240 Z5-V
Loss of Aircraft File for Halifax III NA240 Z5-V
Crash Investigation Report for Halifax III NA240 Z5-V
Disposal of Wreckage of Halifax III NA240 Z5-V

Logbook of R/AG of Crew 59

Other Personnel

Harris, Alan Leslie
Holt, PoW
Dunn, Charlie, PoW

De Leacy
Harris, John William
Smith, Max A.



Australian War Memorial
Foulsham Memorial 462 Squadron RAAF and other Squadrons and Units based at Foulsham, Norfolk UK
Bomber Command Memorial, Green Park, London
Driffield Memorial – 462 Squadron RAAF and 466 Squadron RAAF, Driffield, Yorkshire
St Clement Danes, Central Church of the Royal Air Force, London
Zaasch, Germany Crew of Halifax NA240 Z5-V, 462 Squadron, RAAF
Memorials – 462 Squadron, Middle East Command



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