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06 April 2020
Log Book – Rear Gunner Flight Sergeant M.J.Hibberd 435342 RAAF

Flights by Crew 59 (Pilot A D J Ball) while posted to 462 Squadron, Foulsham, as recorded by R/AG.

10/03/45  Ops No 1 Münster, Halifax III Z5-P “Spoof” Special Duties. Engine Failure. Returned. Flight time 4 hours 5 minutes. (This incomplete Op was not counted in Tour of Duty).

13/03/45  Ops No 1 Frankfurt, Halifax III Z5-N, Special Duties. Saw 2 fighters. No Flak. Quiet Trip. Flight time 5 hours 50 minutes.

14/03/45  Ops No 2 – Wiesbaden, Halifax III Z5-N, Special Duties. Fighter Decoy. No Fighter. Good Trip. Flight time 6 hours 5 minutes.

16/03/45  Ops No 3 – Hanua (probably Hanau?), Halifax III Z5-V, Special Duties with Special Operator. Severe Icing. Landed Away. Flight time 7 hours 45 minutes.

22/03/45   Halifax III Z5-B2 – Fighter Affiliation training exercise.

24/03/45   Ops No 4 Köln (= Cologne), Halifax III Z5-S, Special Duties with Special Operator. Spoof. No Flak. Fighter FW190 Attacked & Followed. Fired 800 Rounds & Claimed Hits. Evasive Action carried out. Flight time 5 hours 10 minutes.

26/03/45    Halifax III Z5-P, Day cross country training exercise.

10/04/45    Ops No 5 Leipzig, Halifax III Z5-V, Special Duties Operation. Baled Out.


Logbook entries for March and April 1945 were signed by:- Fl/Lt B.K.Drinkwater, Deputy Flight Commander for O.C. "B" Flight, and Wing Commander P.M.Paull, Commanding Officer, 462 Squadron. Please also see 462 Squadron page – photo of Pilots in March 1945 showing Wg. Cdr. P.M.Paull in the middle row, 4th from left; and photo of Pilots in April 1945 showing Fl/Lt B.K.Drinkwater in the front row, 4th from left.

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